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summer bummer [Apr. 8th, 2007 ۞ 10:24 pm]
[me. feelin |cheerfulPrison Break Mania]
[lend. ears |Give it to me- Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & JT]

What to do this summer? Go to Puerto? But who will make all the plans and check up on everybody's schedule? My friend here got something to say:
juz_camille1123 (4/6/2007 9:54:48 PM): mama! go make plans na for our summer getaway! di k naman namin pnpressure, pero we're all counting on you. hahahaha! joke lang.

Back to Prison Break Season 2. I just finished Season 1 within two freakin days/nights!!! IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!
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GC [Apr. 4th, 2007 ۞ 10:01 pm]
[me. feelin |bouncyHAPPY and grade conscious]
[lend. ears |Glamorous- Fergie]

As Betch would put it,

I promise to study MORE next sem. And I hope I could still get into the CS list.
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ABCs [Apr. 3rd, 2007 ۞ 10:45 pm]
[me. feelin |blankI want to get drunk right now.]

It's summer and I have nothing to do. I'm so tired of editing photos, check out my vox for my latest "creation." HAHA. So there, I'm practically bored...

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Family Reunion [Mar. 31st, 2007 ۞ 09:51 pm]
[me. feelin |moroseIM FAT!]
[lend. ears |Grace Kelly- Mika]

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heavens [Mar. 30th, 2007 ۞ 10:29 pm]
[lend. ears |Save Room- John Legend]

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gibberish [Mar. 30th, 2007 ۞ 09:32 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[me. feelin |boredbored]
[lend. ears |LDN- Lily Allen]

"Thinking, thinking, thinking. She hated thinking-- it made memories press up against you like little demons with hot hot breath." - True confessions of a heartless girl

blue sky

Don't you just love the sky? During long bus trips, I can totally get lost just by looking at the sky. This photo was taken in Baguio. I don't know if it has something to do with the altitude but the sky there is just absolutely gorg! It's soooo BLUE and it seems like within the reach of your hands. It fascinates me when the clouds are moving so fast and transforms from one shape to the other. When clouds are moving so fast does that mean that the earth is rotating faster? Or is it because the rotation of the earth is against the movement of the clouds? (Did you get my point? HAHA) And why is it that cloud formations are horizontal? Can you imagine the sky with vertical clouds? (Sorry, I'm not really good in Science)

I took this photo while waiting for the train in Quezon Ave station. I can't resist taking a picture of the sunset even though my camera phone really sucks and I totally looked weird. I love sunsets especially when the sky just magically turns to a mixture of orange, blue, red and violet. When I was a kid, there was this time that the sunset was absolutely amazing. It's like a palette of colors wherein the painter creatively mixed everything together. From then on, I fell in love with the sky.

I think this picture was taken last Christmas. It looks like there are tiny holes within the clouds that formed "spotlights."  Anyway, I know this is total gunk. It's the first time that I actually told someone (assuming that someone actually reads this) that I love the sky. OH! I actually told someone that I was fascinated by how fast it moves, and he just laughed at me like I was some psycho person. I know. There are better things to do than staring at the sky. And there's a lot more things worth writing about. But this is actually important for me.

Maybe I just love the idea of looking at a vast horizon and letting my thoughts fly within that wide space. When I go home late at night, my eyes get stuck with those tiny little lights shining above my head. Did you know that the night sky is at its best at around two in the morning? :P
Oh well. The sky makes me think. It makes little demons go around my head.

And I thought demons live in hell.
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tweak. tweak. [Jan. 7th, 2007 ۞ 07:33 pm]
[me. feelin |creativecreative]
[lend. ears |Nobody Does It Better- Britanny Murphy]

Just felt like tweaking my LJ a bit.


Me likey. ♥

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Cheesecakes are love ~♥ [Nov. 7th, 2006 ۞ 11:50 pm]
[me. feelin |energeticsuper duper happy]

I only have 10 min left before my birthday ends. HAHAHA. Well, I'm now 18. As Hannah would put it, I'm now legal to do different things. Yes. But now I can get to jail too!!! :O I can now vote!!! (reminds self to register) Haha. I can now perform my role of choosing political leaders as a Filipino citizen. :)) What the... I didn't know that being 18 was such a big deal. Yes. I don't. That's why I'm throwing a debut party this weekend. :))

Oh well, I really had a GREAT GREAT GREAT DAY!!!! Thanks to my friends!! XD I went to school to get my classcards, but mainly because I don't want to be a house bum on my birthday. Then, Andy & Toni, my friends who promised that they will go to school too, are nowhere to be found. WAAAHH.. THEY DITCHED ME!!! I was so excited pa naman coz I thought Andy and I will be camwhoring and bonding and stuff. Hahaha. I'm not mad though. I totally understand. (rawrrr) Haha. For a second there, I wanted to be a loner in Rob. Just wander around. Eat Mcflurry, my ultimate comfort food. But thanks to Karen and her wanderlust, the UST people came and rescued me from my loner-cide-ish attitude. We went to Alexi's house, which was actually just a few km away from school! (which makes me really happy coz I found the perfect tambay place on my long breaks next sem!) It was fun being with my hs friends. XD I missed them so much.

So there. While chatting and eating and hanging out at Alexi's place, I texted Shaun and asked for my (promised) cheesecake. HAHAHA. And then I dunno what happened but I suddenly found myself in front of a Berry Temptation, (fits my previous text to Shaun) sitting in Cheesecake, Etc. :)) Shaun had a Black Top Cheesecake while I had a super delish one. It was uber YUMMYYYYYYYYY!!!! XD Thank you Shaun for that wonderful treat!!!! XD Haha. It was super fun even if he tried to ask random people in Rob if I am cute. Duh. Do you still have to ask that? :)) I was so embarrassed. As in. I honestly wanted to hide under the table when he asked the girl in Cheesecake, Etc.!!! Oh well. It was really fun. *hopes for more cheesecake moments* : )

I can't wait for my birthday celeb this saturday. Yey!!!

Of course, my day wouldn't be complete if I didn't take any pictures. XD
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happy birthday to me!!! [Nov. 7th, 2006 ۞ 01:10 am]
[me. feelin |cheerfulcheerful]

I love birthdays.

Whether it's mine or the people i love, or even the people I barely know of. I just love birthdays.

Here are the people who greeted me so far..♥

Mama- though it was still 15min before midnight. haha

Telu Mi 8x

edit. edit.
Sab E.
Kuya Nikko
Karen Gae
Kuya Michael
Mr. Dianko
Ms. Abaquin

& some people (in case i forgot them. HAHA)


Birthdays are love... ~♥

edit. edit. edit.
EULA!!!! even though its not by birthday anymore. :))

OH! And I met someone, on vox, then on myspace. HAHA. She's really nice. Hi hannah! XD
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PooPoo Family [Oct. 30th, 2006 ۞ 06:52 pm]
[me. feelin |happyhappy]
[lend. ears |changes- tupac]

"I love them people."

My mommy poopoo and baby sister poopoo!!! Thanks for loving me. I love you both too!!!! I miss you so much!

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